Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using ePortfolio you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given below

ePortfolio Declaration

ePortfolios are designed to enable Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Midwives (RM) to gather examples of practice and professional development to demonstrate on-going competence.

  • To utilise this platform you need to be a qualified NZ nurse or midwife.

This declaration records the nurse/ midwifes representation that all material included in the ePortfolio is a true reflection of their practice and that any information from other sources has been appropriately acknowledged.

I declare that:

This ePortfolio is a true and accurate representation of my own practice, or where I have submitted joint work, I have fairly and accurately described my personal contribution

The ePortfolio relates to practice situations which have occurred in the past 3 years and relate to my current scope of practice.

I have obtained the necessary consent from appropriate persons to disclose any confidential information contained in the ePortfolio.

I have respected the privacy of any client/ patient/whanau discussed in this ePortfolio and made all efforts to maintain confidentiality.

I understand and have read the professional code of conduct

Any performance feedback included in this portfolio is genuine and has not changed in anyway.

I understand that:

None of my work will be used without my consent.

If there are any concerns about my ePortfolio these will be discussed with me

My ePortfolio may need to be viewed by more than one assessor for the purposes of moderation

If I leave the institution that I register with, I may be required to export my ePortfolio from that institution's site

If my ePortfolio remains inactive for a prolonged period of time (2 years) I will be advised that my account will be suspended 4 weeks prior to this. If following a period of suspension, my account remains inactive, I acknowledge that my account will be deleted. I may export my ePortfolio from the site at any time.

I attest that:

I am not currently not being investigated by the Nursing Council of New Zealand or Midwifery Council of New Zealand for any reason.

I am of Māori descent and have whakapapa and cultural links to whānau, hapu and iwi